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Just Jinjer's first single in 5 years will be officially launched on iTunes on Friday the 8th of August worldwide and we couldn't be more excited or proud. Please enjoy the official lyric video for the song below and check out the iTunes links in the video description where you can pre-order the track for immediate download at it releases on Friday. The biggest favour you could do for us right now is to share this video far and wide so we can have as many eyes and ears on this song as possible! Much love, Just Jinjer.



Here's the direct iTunes link for purchase! -https://itunes.apple.com/za/album/bright-light-single/id900531178

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Just Jinjer will be playing a once-off show at Cafe Roux in the Noordhoek Farm Village, Chapman's Peak Drive, Cape Town on the 1st of February 2014. Tickets are almost sold out for seated tables but there are still grass spots left, grab your tickets ASAP!


Mail bookings@caferoux.co.za for tickets or call 021 789 2538


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Mere words alone will never truly express what Nelson Mandela has done for South Africa and it's people... We are all so deeply saddened to hear of Madiba's passing, and hope that this country and indeed the rest of the world, take a moment to appreciate his incredible ethos and the extraordinary person he was. We hope that the men, woman, and children of South Africa and beyond, find it in their hearts to apply to their own lives, the fundamentals of human compassion that he taught us so selflessly. Go in peace uTata Madiba, your work and sacrifice is done, and you deserve to rest now in the comfort of knowing that you changed the face of this world for the better. Peace. Just Jinjer.


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Hey Jinjer friends, it's been a little while since our last update to you, so we thought we'd just let you know what we are up to at the moment!


It's been a really interesting few months, with a lot of exciting things having been discussed and done, some of which include new songs, new album, possible addition of a new band member, and some exciting new media for you to enjoy.  A lot of these will be surprises along the way, but we can assure you they will be awesome so make sure you come along to the shows and see for yourselves!


Coming up in December:








Mosselbay Barnyard - HERE

Plett Barnyard - HERE

Dunes - HERE

Vic Falls Carnival - HERE



On the 29th of October we played a very special show at an old church on Greenmarket Square in Cape Town.  It was a stripped down acoustic show and definitely one of the most special ones we've ever done. Check out this video that we managed to grab of 'She Knows' below. There will be more coming from this show in the next few weeks, so stay tuned to our YouTube page and subscribe.


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So we realise Just Jinjer has been a little quiet of late, but we can assure you that there's been plenty going on behind the scenes with all the band members!  We miss you guys though, so we've decided organise a little Barnyard Tour over the next 3 months so that we can see all your faces again.  The Barnyard venues have always been a favorite of ours, with great sound and not a bad seat in the house.  Check out the details below for Durban, Joburg, and Cape Town and get booking so that you don't miss out.


5th August - Barnyard Theatre Gateway

R130 p/p / 8:00pm / Bookings at 031 566 3045 / www.barnyardtheatres.co.za


21st August - Barnyard Theatre Rivonia

R150 p/p / 8:00pm / Bookings at 011 234 2033 / www.barnyardtheatres.co.za


28th October - Barnyard Theatre Willowbridge

R150 p/p / 8:00pm / Bookings at 021 914 8898 / www.barnyardtheatres.co.za


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I think we can all agree that it's been FAR too long since Just Jinjer played in Knysna.  Well, we have found the most incredible venue, The Lost Plot on Brenton Hill, and we are planning an amazing show for all you Garden Route people on the 23rd of March.  Tickets are R150 at www.webtickets.co.za and gates open at 2pm.  Bring your own picnic if you like, but food and drinks will be on sale.  (Please only purchase drinks on site though).


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Now in it's 11th year, the Just Jinjer show at Dunes, Hout Bay has become an absolute Cape Town institution for December holiday makers, both local and international. After taking a break for much of 2012 to make time for solo projects, the members of Just Jinjer are excited to be taking to the stage for the first time this year. "No matter how busy we are during the year, it just wouldn't be the same without the Dunes show, it's an amazing setting and the fans get really amped. A great ending to a busy year without a doubt!", says Denholm Harding, bass guitarist for Just Jinjer.


This year saw both Ard Matthews and Brent Harris recording and releasing solo projects with their own distinct flavors, and a decision was made to rest the Just Jinjer name while promoting and touring their own albums. "Just Jinjer never actually broke up, despite what was said in the media, we just all needed time to explore our own energies and focus on what we needed to get out personally, and we couldn't do that in good conscience while trying to play Jinjer shows in between, it wouldn't have been fair on anyone to dilute the name", says Ard Matthews, lead singer. "When the Dunes date came up it just felt right to get the guys together and end the year off with a big one, as much as it's important to our friends and fans, it's even more so to us", Brent Harris, drummer, goes on to say.





Just Jinjer live at Dunes Restaurant and Bar, Beach Road, Hout Bay

Saturday 22nd December 2012, 4pm

Tickets - R150 at www.webtickets.co.za

Direct link - http://www.webtickets.co.za/event.aspx?itemid=380956741

For more information - info@justjinjer.com

Twitter - @justjinjer

Facebook - www.facebook.com/justjinjer


*Photos - John Maarschalk










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The annual Dunes show will be taking place on the 22nd of December 2012 at Dunes Restaurant & Bar, Beach Road, Hout Bay.  Starts from 4pm (Just Jinjer will be on at Sunset) It is the band's first show of the year so expect fireworks!


Tickets sales - http://www.webtickets.co.za/event.aspx?itemid=380956741



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Check out the old music video we found for the 1999 track "Here's To You"!